About School House Excellence


School House Excellence, an LLC, was established in 2018.
The principals of School House Excellence utilize research-based adult learning and leadership principles to support effective school improvement strategy implementation practices.

Our Goal
Our goal is to use our years of experience and research based techniques to customize training tools that build leadership capacity for school leaders implementing Professional Learning Communities, needing leadership coaching, or desiring to create an environment in which ethical mores are defined, understood and practiced.



School staff is responsible for preparing students to compete in an ever changing global environment.  Research provides insight and tools that can support their desire to deliver an excellent education to all students.  School House Excellence training modules are all steeped in the current research about what works in schools.

School House Excellence  trainings are designed to foster implementation and sustain school improvement efforts. 

School House Excellence Trainer University

Build your capacity to deliver compelling and engaging training sessions. Topics covered over two days in this training include adult learning theory, needs analysis, facilitation, developing learning objectives, and addressing challenging participants and behaviors.

School House Excellence Professional Learning Communities Facilitator Training

Organizing teams into Professional Learning Communities (PLC) has proven to foster collaboration, improve instructional practice and increase student achievement. School House Excellence has developed a three part training series to strengthen PLC implementation efforts.



Are you trying to implement new ideas at your school but not experiencing the success you’d like?  Research has proven that skill development and process implementation are enhanced when combined with coaching. The School House Excellence team utilizes Cognitive Coaching to engage participants in reflection on action to leverage successes and identifying next steps.

Your School House Excellence coach will utilize questioning to assist you with marking strategies employed, identifying refinement opportunities, constructing new knowledge and developing a plan. The process includes a reflection on the coaching process to ensure the coach is consistently responsive to your needs.

Our Founders

Lisa DeVeaux, Ed.D.

Lisa DeVeaux, President and Co-founder of School House Excellence.

President and Talent Developer

Lisa DeVeaux served as a teacher, principal and Executive Director in the 15th largest district in the country.  As an elementary and high school principal, she designed and implemented Professional Learning Community (PLC) protocols that significantly increased student achievement.  Recognized for effective PLC practice design, she served as a presenter at a DuFour conference. Her PLC cycles and protocols continue to sustain the work of numerous campus leaders.

During her four years as the Executive Director responsible for 37 elementary schools, she designed professional development modules to improve the leadership practices of the principals in her learning community.  Training and coaching efforts focused on:

  • Data as a Tool to Monitor Progress and Foster Collaboration
  • The Calendar as a Leadership Artifact
  • Benchmarking: A Campus Improvement Tool
  • The Reading and Writing Connection: Leading Literacy Efforts
  • Utilizing Look for Maps to Guide Implementation
  • Thinking Through the Lesson Protocol: Planning Tools to Lead
  • Utilizing Protocols to Leverage Leadership

In addition to leadership development, Lisa designed and implemented processes to enhance teachers’ instructional repertoires through Content Study Teams, Teacher-led Content Study Teams and The Writing Project. These efforts resulted in increased student achievement and instructional practices that continue today.

 A point of pride is the continued contribution to the field of teaching and learning that stems from the twenty-one individuals selected and trained to serve as principals during that time. Six years later, fifteen of the twenty-one principals recommended for the position continue to effectively lead schools and six supervise groups of schools.

As a certified coach, Lisa utilizes her expertise to support leaders and teams with effectively identifying school improvement leverage points. Focused on utilizing existing campus tools, she guides the design process to achieve organizational goals.

After serving for 33 years, Lisa retired to complete her dissertation at The University of Texas at Austin Cooperative Superintendency Program.  Her work entitled: Principal Leadership: Implementing RtI in Urban High Schools fills a research gap that supports student achievement efforts at the high school level.

As a founder of School House Excellence, Lisa is committed to ensuring leaders have access to expertly designed training and coaching services to produce results.


Charlene C. Burroughs, M.Ed.

Charlene Burroughs, Vice President and Co-founder of School House Excellence.

Vice President and Talent Developer

The Vice President of School House Excellence is Charlene Burroughs, M.Ed.  An expert training designer, Charlene was a career educator who worked most of her professional life in the eighth largest school district in the United States.  Before leaving the classroom, she served children of the district for 22 years. Always aware of trends and innovations impacting teaching and learning, Charlene successfully taught kindergarten through eighth grades. 

Talent development has been a constant theme in Charlene’s professional life.  She received her Master’s in Education Leadership from Texas Woman’s University with a focus on training. Her thesis, District Level Transition from Restrictive Classroom Environments to Least Restrictive Classroom Environments, was a seminar for central office administrators. 

Upon leaving the classroom Charlene became a talent developer and central staff administrator. She served as the liaison to the district’s Reading Language Arts Department.  In that role, she developed training modules for elementary teachers and teacher assistants as well as created modules that were used by campus principals on districtwide staff development days.

Charlene left the district’s training department and moved to support a Deputy Superintendent in the Teaching and Learning Division.  She continued to use her training expertise in this role and co-wrote training modules, notably one for the launch of the Dallas Collaborative Model and a training module for campus leaders on Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

She ended her 31 year career with the school district as the Manager of Ethics and Integrity.  In this position she developed ethics training for the district’s 22,000 central office and campus based employees. Three thousand six hundred central staff members (including the Superintendent and his cabinet) attended Charlene’s face-to-face training.  However, campus staff received the information in other ways. Over the years, Charlene created a game that campus principals could use to deliver the training content; a plug and play video; and online training that was accessible by all campus staff.   Charlene also created the district’s first Handbook of Ethics and Integrity, a manual that presented district policy in an easy to understand format with examples of inappropriate behavior.

After retiring from the school district in 2011, Charlene worked six years as a departmental trainer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  She continued writing and delivering training until she answered a call to use her skills and her love of teaching and learning to start School House Excellence.

Brian K. DeVeaux, M.Ed.


Vice President of Marketing


Brian served as an educator for 34 years in the 11thlargest district in the country before retiring in 2018. During that time, Brian served as a teacher, coach, Assistant Principal, Associate Principal, and Principal. While serving in those roles, he was instrumental in leading effective instructional programs.  As a result of his efforts leading the instructional program and creating a positive culture on his campus, Brian was named Associate Principal of the year in 2012.

As the Principal of a historically Improvement Required high school, he increased the academic rigor and created a culture of excellence. His leadership allowed the school to build strong teams and create a robust school improvement plan which resulted in a consistently Met Standard rating. 

Brian’s  ability to develop effective instructional programs and build campus cultures that recognize the power educators have to change life’s circumstances is a rare commodity. 

His expertise extends to: 

  • Developing a high school Master Schedule to create Smaller Learning Communities 
  • Implementing Professional Learning Community structures
  • Designing Professional Development to support teaching staff in accomplishing instructional goals
  • Creating systems for collaboratively developing a Campus Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Creating a Culture of Excellence with Coaching Conversations

Currently, he is a part time faculty member for The University of Texas at Arlington where he serves as a specialist observing, coaching, and giving feedback to candidates in their Principal program. In Brian’s continued quest to add value to student’s education there is a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt that resonates with him:

“ We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future”.


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Ethics, Integrity and You Volume 1, Issue 1 (pdf)


Ethics, Integrity and You Volume 1, Issue 2 (pdf)


School House Excellence is a woman owned business that provides professional development tools and services to support leaders and teams with developing schools with the capacity to compete in an ever changing global environment. We know the importance of campus staffs working together as professional learning communities and provide PLC training as one of our services.  On the district level we focus on providing ethics training for educators to set mores and define expectations. ethics for educators