Preview of Scenario 1: Social Media

Social media provides opportunities to communicate with a wide range of constituents.  It makes dispersing information easier and can serve to keep people engaged with your organization in ways they have never engaged before.

However, social media can also cause problems that were not evident before its advent.

Issues Addressed:   When Are Educators "Off Duty"?, Privacy, Information Sharing 

Preview of Scenario 2: Office Help

What kind of service do the constituents we serve get from front office staff?

Issues Addressed:   Misuse of company time, Fair treatment of customers 

Preview of Scenario 3: The Bully

What is appropriate decorum for a person in a supervisory position? 

How should employees be treated?

Issues Addressed:  Bullying,  Harassment and discrimination, Protecting employee rights 

Preview of Scenario 4: The Office Romance

Are workplace romances a good idea? This scenario presents one possible outcome of these relationships.

Issues Addressed:   Sexual harassment, Playing favorites 

Preview of Scenario 5: Information Please

District staff will often be very protective of adult data.  Does student data get the same level of protection?

Issues addressed:   Protecting employee privacy, Protecting student information, Ethics

Preview of Scenario 6: The Slap

Emotions can run high when student behavior is concerned.  What is a staff member's responsibility to the child and to a co-worker when the situation gets too hot?

Issues Addressed:   Child abuse, Reporting child abuse 

Districtwide Ethics Training Price List