School House Excellence Products and Services Price List

Professional Learning Community Facilitator Training $1750*


Engaging team members as Professional Learning Communities has proven to increase collaboration and student achievement outcomes. Imagine the impact when an entire system works as a PLC. 

Our PLC training kits have been designed to meet the varied needs of campuses. Whether, you plan to train in large or small groups, PLC kits have been flexibly designed for both scenarios. We recognize that time is precious and have organized each PLC training kit into three 45-minute segments that can be delivered in grade level or departmental meetings. 

Participants will engage in three days of professional learning that begins by helping them excel as a training facilitator. Once they have added to their facilitator toolkit, participants will take a deep dive into the School House Excellence (SHE) developed PLC Training Kits. The descriptions for each session training day are noted in the below and in the next column.

Day 1  Participants will build their capacity to train adult learners. 

Days 2-3  Participants will  develop the necessary skills to deliver the School House Excellence (SHE) created PLC training kits to support implementation. Participants will become certified to deliver PLC training materials for their respective campuses.

Professional Learning Community Facilitator Training (continued)

Day 1	Participants will build their capacity to train adult learners. 

Day 2-3	Participants will de

The 3 PLC Kits are distributed at training.  Each campus will receive 1 set of PLC kits for a full price registered participant.  An additional facilitator may be trained for sustainability for $500.  This facilitator will not receive the PLC Kits.

PLC 101 Kits Include:
    ·    PowerPoint 

     ·    Handouts for 25 participants

     ·    5 sets of Charts 

     ·    5 sets of Group Role Sticks

     ·    25 sets of Response Cards

     ·    25 Table Tents 

     ·    25 Commitment cards

PLC 201-In this session, participants will identify available data source and monitoring tools to support PLC process implementation.

PLC 201 Kits Include:

     ·  Power Point 

     ·  Handouts for 25 participants

     ·  5 sets of Charts 

     ·  25 Table Tents 

     ·  25 Commitment cards

PLC 301-Developing a process to sustain implementation efforts is the focus of this session.

PLC 301 Kits Include:

     ·  Power Point 

     ·  Handouts for 25 participants

     ·  5 sets of Charts 

     ·  25 Table Tents 

     · 25 Commitment cards

Training included with kits

Professional Learning Community Coaching Support


The ability to receive support from a trained coach with PLC implementation experience is invaluable. Our coaches will provide assistance with leveraging successes and identifying next steps.

Facilitator Coaching 

$50 per hour (for a minimum of 3 hours)

Leadership Team Coaching

$100 per hour for a team of 3 (a minimum of 3 hours)

School House Excellence Trainer University $1,000

School House Excellence Trainer University

Build your capacity to deliver compelling and engaging t

Build your capacity to deliver compelling and engaging training sessions. Topics covered over an interactive two days of training include adult learning theory, needs analysis, facilitation, developing learning objectives, and addressing challenging participants and behaviors. 

Day 1

  • Traits of the adult learner
  • Creating a needs assessment
  • Developing training that meets the needs of adult learners
  • The importance of relevant experience
  • Developing learning objectives
  • Creating opportunities for peer sharing
  • Developing guiding questions

Day 2

  • The art of facilitation
  • Establishing ground rules
  • Working with challenging participants

Ethics for Educators (Online Districtwide or Face-to-Face)


Because ethical lapses can have a serious impact on a school district's reputation and daily morale, ethics training is critical. Do not leave ethical decision making to chance. One misstep by one employee can impact the entire organization for years.

Our Ethics training uses video "stories" of real world scenarios to engage employees in the training.  We believe  that if the desired learning outcome of ethics training is to encourage personal responsibility for the ethical conduct, it is imperative that trainees are engaged in the learning process. Scenarios foster that engagement.

There is a price structure for districtwide campus staff training that is fully online or face-to-face training for central staff.

Ethics Training Price List (Online for teachers & In Person Central Staff)


 Online  Training
Employees have access to all training scenarios in this interactive course.  Tests and knowledge checks are embedded within the content. Employees complete an acknowledgement  of completion for district records and receive a certificate of completion for their records.

Up to 150 participants         $75/participant

151 to 300 participants       $65/participant

301 to 500 participants       $50/participant

501 to 10,000 participants $40/participant

Onsite Face-to-Face Training

Cabinet level staff and/or staff that has no or limited access to computers benefit from interactive onsite training.

Up to 300 participants over a 2 day period  $125/

Up to 500 participants over a 3 day period $115/

501 to 1000 participants or more (negotiable).. Price based on the number of days required to complete training

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